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First banjo; Why possum's tails are bare; Why the possum's tail am bare; Banjo song; Theres a'goina be an overflowin' says Noah lookin' solemn

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Sanders, Raymond


voice Collected for M.C. Parler Collected and transcribed by Sara Jo Fendley Mt. View, Ark., Jan. 11,1964 sung by Raymond Sanders learned from his father as a child. Reel 420, Item 10 xxv The First Banjo Theres a'goina be an overflowin' says Noah lookin' solemn he took down the Hearld and he read the river column put his men to work cryin' up timeber and patches we're goina build a boat to beat the steamer natchez Oh Noah's wicked neighbors kept a cussin' and a Jawin' Old Noah didn't mind he kept a chippin' and a sawin' Old Noah layed wide awake he knew what's agoina happen For forty days and forty nights the rain it kept a drappin' Oh Noah went around a'gatherin' up two of every kind of beases Every show that come along, he picked them all to pieces He found a Morgan colt, several head of Jersey cattle He drove them all on board the ark, he heard the thunder rattle And such an ugly fall of rain, the rain it fell so heavy the river rose immediately, and bursted through the levee, all the people they were drowned, except Noah and the critters The men he had to run the boat, and some to mix the vittles And the Ark it kept a'sailin', and a'sailin' and a'sailin' the lion he got his dander up, and like to have broke the pailins the tiger heard the panther scream and such a lot of fussin' You could...
Fendley, Sara JoFendley, Sara Jo
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1964 01 11
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