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Session of November 1792-January 1793: House Committee Reports

@ North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources

North Carolina. General Assembly Cabarrus, Stephen Locke, Matthew Mebane, Alex Hawkins, Wyatt White, Will Henderson, Thomas Taylor, James Yancy, Thornton


Ellison, Alderson; Sharpe, William; Dickey, John; Henry, Patrick; Shepperd, William; Hightower, Robert; Matthews, Britain; Clarke, Gilbert; Richardson, James; Pope, John; Lassiter, Nathan; Hodges, Philemon; Phifer, Martin; McCulloh, George; Telfair, David; Telfair, Paulina; Hall, Edward; Telfair, Hugh; Alexander Telfair and Co.; Alexander and Hugh Telfair; Hugh Telfair and David Telfair and Co.; Hugh and David Telfair and Co.; Fuller, Samuel; Pasteur, Edward; Caswell, Winston; Lutterloh, Henry Emanuel; Armstrong, James; Shepperd, Benjamin; Arants, James; Christmas, Nathaniel; Jones, Wylie; Hamilton, John; Hamilton, A.; Parker, Samuel; Thomas, Abishai; Gregory, Isaac; Ferrabee, Chloe; Ferrabee, Joseph; Ferrabee, Samuel; Dauge, Willougby; Leech, Joseph; Blackledge, Richard; Bruce, Charles; Watson, James; Lord, William; Beard, Lewis; Leigh, John; Bryan, Nathan; Jasper, James; Bryan, Edward; Lowther, Tristram; Hunt, Anderson; Reed, William; Hardcastle, William; Houll, Elias; Jones, Daniel;Report of the Committee on Public Bills on a bill to appoint electors to vote for a President and Vice-President of the United States (concurred). November 19. Report submitting public laws necessary to be passed (concurred). November 20. Report submitting public laws necessary to be passed (concurred). November 23. Report of Sub-Committee Number 1 on Public Bills on a bill to regulate the treatment of prisoners, to enlarge the jails, and to appoint inspectors thereof. November 24. Report of Committee to whom the Bill for Dividing Mecklenburg was Referred. Report of the committee on the Comptroller's report concerning the settlement of the army accounts. November 29. Report on the bill and petition for dividing the County of Mecklenburg. November 29. Report on the petition of...
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Haywood, JLenoir, William, 1751-1839Hunt, JCabarrus, Stephen
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  1. Beaufort County (N.C.)
  2. Blount, John Gray, 1752 1833
  3. Blount, William, 1749 1800
  4. Boundaries
  5. Bridges
  6. Canals
  7. Caswell, Richard, 1729 1789
  8. Coffee
  9. Committees
  10. County Charters
  11. Courts
  12. Craven County (N.C.)
  13. Currituck (N.C.)
  14. Davidson, William Lee, 1746 1781
  15. Debtor And Creditor
  16. Debts, Public
  17. Divorce
  18. Edgecombe County (N.C.)
  19. Election Districts
  20. Electoral College
  21. Elizabeth River (Va.)
  22. Emigration And Immigration
  23. Enfield (N.C.)
  24. Executions And Executioners
  25. Executors And Administrators
  26. Expenditures, Public
  27. Ferries
  28. Finance, Public
  29. Franklin, Jesse, 1760 1823
  30. Government
  31. Great Britain. Parliament
  32. Greene County (N.C.)
  33. Halifax (N.C.)
  34. Hall, Thomas H., 1773 1853
  35. Halling, Solomon, 1755 1813
  36. Hillsborough (N.C.)
  37. History
  38. Impeachments
  39. Inheritance And Succession
  40. Justice, Administration Of
  41. Land Grants
  42. Larceny
  43. Legislators
  44. Livestock
  45. Loans
  46. Loans, Personal
  47. Mallett, Peter, 1744 1805
  48. Martin County (N.C.)
  49. Martin, Francois Xavier, 1762 1846
  50. Mc Culloh, Henry E. (Henry Eustace), Approximately 1810
  51. Mecklenburg County (N.C.)
  52. Misconduct In Office
  53. Money
  54. New Bern (N.C.)
  55. North Carolina
  56. North Carolina. General Assembly
  57. North Carolina. General Assembly. House Of Commons
  58. North Carolina. Militia
  59. Parliamentary Practice
  60. Pasquotank River (N.C.)
  61. Politics And Government
  62. Power Of Attorney
  63. Prisons
  64. Quakers
  65. Real Property
  66. Revenue
  67. Revolution, 1775 1783
  68. Roads
  69. Sheriffs
  70. Slaver
  71. Slaves
  72. Soldiers
  73. Statutes
  74. Sugar
  75. Surry County (N.C.)
  76. Tarboro (N.C.)
  77. Taxation
  78. Telfair, Alexander, Approximately 1734 1786
  79. Tobacco
  80. Tryon Palace (New Bern, N.C.)
  81. United States
  82. United States. Congress
  83. Wages
  84. Warrenton (N.C.)
  85. Wilkes County (N.C.)
  86. Williams, Benjamin, 1751 1814
  87. Wills

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