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Second book of airs : 1600 / Songs or ayres, 2nd book

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General preface" and "Preface to Dowland's Second book of songs or airs": at beginning of each vol.For solo voice, except no. 22, which is a duet. Two versions of each song are given: one with lute accompaniment in modern notation and in tablature, and one with accompaniment arranged for piano. Additional vocal and instrumental parts are omitted.Original title: The second booke of songs or ayres, of 2. 4. and 5. parts: with tablature for the lute or opherian, with the violl de gamba ...With reproduction of the dedications of George Eastland, the publisher, and John Dowland from the original edition.Paged I. I saw my lady weep ; Flow, my tears ; Sorrow, stay ; Die not before thy day ; Mourn! Day is with darkness fled ; Time's eldest son, Old age ; Then sit thee down and say ; When others sing Venite ; Praise blindness, eyes ; O sweet woods--pt. II. If floods of tears ; Fine knacks for ladies ; Now cease, my wandering eyes ; Come ye heavy states of night ; White as lilies was her face ; Woeful heart ; A shepherd in a shade ; Faction that ever dwells ; Shall I sue? Toss not my soul ; Clear or cloudy ; Humour, say what mak'st thou here?14
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Fellowes, Edmund H., 1870-1951
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