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Boll weevil song; Boll weevil; Boll weevil blues; Oh, The boll weevil am a little black bug,

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Martin, Pete


voice; guitars Collected by Merlin Mitchell Transcribed by Mary C. Parler Pete Martin Lincoln, Ark. November 12, 1950 Reel 75, Item 2 The Boll Weevil Song Oh, The boll weevil am a little black bug, He come from Mexico, He say, he come all de way to Texis Just a-lookin' fo' a place to stay, Just a-lookin' fo' a home, jus' a-lookin' fo' a home. First time I seed the boll weevil, He was sittin' on de square, Next time I see the boll weevil, He had his fam'ly there, An' lookin' fo' a home, just lookin' fo' a home. Well, the farmer taken the boll weevil, He roll him in the sand, The boll weevil said to the farmer, I'll take it like a man, Ain't got no home, ain't got no home. Oh, the farmer asked the boll weevil, What makes yo' head so red? The boll weevil said to the farmer, Boy, it's a wonder I ain't dead, Just a-lookin' fo' a home, just a-lookin' fo' a home. Well de Captain say to de Missis, What do you think of that? The boll weevil am built his nest In my best Sunday hat, For a happy home, what a happy home. Well, the boll weevil got the cotton, The merchant got the rest, All he left de farmer's wife Was one ole cotton dress, It 'as full of holes, yes, full of holes. Now if anybody ask you Who was it made dis song, Was a dark-complected...
Parler, Mary Celestia
Created Date:
1950 11 12
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