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1846 Resolve Relating to Slavery

@ Maine State Archives

Maine House of Representatives


Resolve presented in August 1846 declaring: "Whereas, during the administration of this Government, the Slave Power has, for many years, had an almost uninterrupted ascendancy, and has repeatedly violated the Constitution of the United States for the avowed purpose of protecting, extending, and perpetuating the system of Slavery: and Whereas, we regard American Slavery as a great wrong to the slave, as being at war with all our professions of republicanism, subversive, in its practical operations, of the rights of the Free States, destructive of our best interests and prosperity, unworthy an intelligent and moral people, and, in its influence, tending to destroy the foundations of the American Union, Therefore - Resolved, that it is the solemn conviction of this Legislature, that the question of its abolition in all places where it exists under our national jurisdiction; and the question, whether we shall resist its farther extension and encroachment by all constitutional means, and deprive it of all its unconstitutional affairs, have become questions paramount in importance to any other before the American People.
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1846 08 07
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