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I’m goin’ from de cotton field; Exodus; Exoudus; I'se goin' from de cottonfield,; I'se goin' from de cottonfield

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Fultz, Helen; Hogan, Phydella


voice; banjos Collected by Jim Bob White Sung by Mrs. Mary Faultz and James Leonard Fayetteville, Ark. For M.C. Parler June 16, 1960 Transcribed by Linda Humphrey Reel 378 Item 8 I'm Goin' From de Cottonfield I'se goin' from de cottonfield, I'se goin' from de cane, I'se goin' from de old log hut Bat stands down in de lane; My heart is sad and sore now, The tears are in my eye, For when the sun goes down tonight, I'se gwine to say goodby. Chorus: I'se goin' from de cottonfield And oh, it makes me sigh, But when the sun goes down tonight, I'se gwine to say goodby.I'se goin' From de Cottonfields I'se sold de ole log cabin And the little patch of ground That dear old Masse gave to me When the Yankee troops came down. The flowers dat bloom on Masse's grave Will miss de tender care; No hands like mine will take de pains To keep dem bloomin' dere. They say that up in Kansas so many miles away The colored folds is flockin' round and gettin' better pay! And I have got so poor The hungry wolves are starin' in And howlin' at my door. Now Dinah, she don't wanta go She says we're gettin' old, She says she's fraid we'll freeze to death, The country am so cold. I'se bound to help my chillun some before I'se sailed to die, I'se goin' to say good by.I'se goin' From de Cottonfield continued De boat is on...
Wheeler, Jim Bob; Leonard, JamesLeonard, James
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1960 07 16
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