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Letter from Richard Davis Webb to Anne Warren Weston, [4 Nov. 1849]

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Holograph, signed.There are two letters in this manuscript. On pages 1-6, there is a letter by Richard Davis Webb to Anne Warren Weston. Richard D. Webb characterizes James Haughton as a simple hearted man who would believe anything. Richard D. Webb believes "Father Mathew is not to be compared with James Haughton for nobility of character, and he is not worthy to tie Garrison's shoes." Richard D. Webb gives information about the articles contributed to the Boston fair. He mentions among the donors Mrs. Edmundson, the sister of Eliza Wigham; a Miss Phebe Mary Henzell, who is an admirer of Frederick Douglass; Richard D. Webb's cousin, Deborah Moore; and Maria Waring, whose "kind of munificence is not common with us." A child's muff was made by Richard Davis Webb's daughter Anne, who is not yet eleven years old. Richard D. Webb sends copies of an index to his anti-slavery pamphlets.On pages 6-8 in this manuscript, there is a separate letter by Hannah Webb to Anne Warren Weston. Hannah Webb suggests mentioning the Misses Haughton and Miss Henzell in the acknowledgements of the anti-slavery fair contributions. She comments on the difficulty of arousing anti-slavery interest and believes "people are so terribly afraid of contamination & heresy." Hannah Webb is troubled by "this whole matter of father Mathew" in the Liberator. Hannah Webb says: "I know that Garrison is right & I am wrong & yet I wish to see the man handled more gently." She considers Father Mathew's advanced years and...
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