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DARE Interview: Eagletown, Oklahoma; Primary Informant OK021

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Informant Data:OK021: White; female; age: 92 (old); education: grade school; community type: ruralOK024: White; male; education: some schooling; community type: ruralMedia Files:Full Interview 1 (Tape 1290-S1). [Additional speakers: OK024]Content:00:25 Family history—ran a store and sawmill03:40 1907 money panic—described05:30 Roads—quality, location, introduction of railroads09:40 Local history—land was lived on before Informant's family arrived—pony express13:25 Sawmill—description of positions, descriptions of saws, types of wood19:15 Race relations—Black churches and homes were blown up and burned21:45 Story about Informant's husband being shot by a Black man25:40 Family history—sold store, bought house, rented rooms—prices29:00 Stories about Informant OK024's childhood32:45 Tape endFull Interview 2 (Tape 1290-S2). [Additional speakers: OK024]00:05 Description of a Choctaw cry—three weeks after a death01:15 Tape end

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