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Gallard de Chamilly and Involvement in a Remonstrance

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Louisiana Historical Quarterly segment focused on a remonstrance including Gallard de Chamilly. Hand written notes present. Journal Material [Handwritten notes] Andre Carriere b. 30 July 1720 per Mobile records. He was son of Andre and Marie Marguerite Arbut (Arbu) when then m. Louis Txeront. V. 5 In Jan 1770 census below N.O. on left shore is Andre Carriere age 50-- Marie Francoise St. Martin, his wife, age 59. 598 The Louisiana Historical Quarterly Frangois Gallard; total 790 francs and 6 sous. Item, property of Francois Gallard: house and lot, furniture, guns, a slave named La Rose, and a money order for 574 francs; total 1409 francs and 8 sous. May 21, 1738. Remonstrance. 1p. No. 38/65. See 38/64. (A rare morsel for voluptuaries in litigation, as the contents touch on baptismal, nuptial and funeral formalities all in one simple plea.) Parties: André Carrière, husband of Madame de St. Martin, daughter of late Sieur St. Martin and Dame Marianne Hervieux, now the wife of Sieur Gallard Chamilly; and the said R. C. as husband of said Dame Marianne H. Mr. G. C. pleads for the validity of inventory at issue, drawn up informally because there was no local notary. Let André Carrière's contentions be set aside; or allow G: C. time to prove date of nuptial benediction. No note by court. [Handwritten notes on this remonstrance above] Age checks. This makes it seem unlikely that 1738 is correct date for this document I feel. 1743 seems more likely. André would still...
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