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"Ballet Ballads: 'Susanna and the Elders', 'Song of Solomon' and 'Willie the Weeper'"

@ Cleveland Public Library

Karamu House


Theater program of "Ballet Ballads" by Jerome Moross, John Latouche, J. Harl Brown, Kenward Elmslie, and directed by Benno D. Frank. This performance opened on September 28, 1951. "Susanna and the Elders" performers: Leon Berry/Thomas Massey/John Tisdale as Preacher, Carolyn Clayton/Gail Crawford as Dancing Susanna, Margaret Constantine as Singing Susanna, Anthony Basse as Moe, An Elder, Herb Greggs as Joe, An Elder, Helen Volinsky as Juniper Tree, Vicky Lynch as Cedar Tree, Jean West as Wall, Anna Bell as Wall, and Marcia Woolley as Angel. "Song of Solomon" performers: Salvatore Collura/Samuel McCurry as Solomon, Shirley Abrams/Louise Bell/Emma Coleman as Leader, Clarence Price/Thomas Massey as Officer, Joanne D'Allesandro/ Dorothy De Vaughan as Lady with the Baby, Shirley Abrams/Louise Bell as Other Lady, Anthony Basse, Carolyn Clayton, and Herb Greggs as Dancers. "Willie the Weeper" performers: John Greenwood/Ralph Karam as Singing Willie, Floyd Gaffney/Louis Naylor/William Wingfield as Dancing Willie, Coretta Green as Singing Lil, Virginia Grady/Lois Peters/Maxine Starling as Dancing Lil. The Karamu Dancers: Anna Bell, Gayle Crawford, Hariette Eakins, Floyd Gaffney, Virginia Grady, Vicky Lynch, Pearl Johnson, Louis Naylor, Lois Peters, Maxine Starling, Marcia Woolley, William Wingfield.
Frank, Benno DBerry, LeonMassey, ThomasTisdale, JohnClayton, CarolynCrawford, GailConstantine, MargaretBasse, AnthonyGreggs, HerbertVolinsky, HelenLynch, VickyWest, JeanBell, AnnaCollura, SalvatoreMcCurry, SamuelAbrams, ShirleyBell, LouiseColeman, EmmaPrice, ClarenceD'Allesandro, JoanneDe Vaughan, DorothyGreenwood, JohnKaram, RalphGaffney, FloydNaylor, LouisWingfield, WilliamsGreen, CorettaGrady, VirginiaPeters, LoisStarling, MaxineEakins, HarietteJohnson, PearlWoolley, Marcia
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