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Interview of Laura Lutes Waters on her experience with American Red Cross during WWI

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Waters, Laura Lutes


Laura Lutes Waters talks about volunteering for the American Red Cross during World War I so that she could be near her brother who was a U.S. Marine serving in France. She says that it was very difficult to get into the Red Cross at the time and that it took her two tries before she was finally accepted. She discusses her Red Cross training, being shipped to Europe aboard a troop ship carrying African-American soldiers and laborers and being pressed into service as a nurse to assist the ship's doctor. After Waters ends her interview, Evelyn McHiggins discusses Waters' childhood, post-war life and career as a business woman. McHiggins says Waters was born in Minnesota and spent her childhood in Alaska during the Klondike gold rush and later in life became well known nationally as an innovative and respected travel agent. The recording is introduced by Vivian Peterson.
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