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Old zip coon; Old zip Lizy coon; Old zip coon; The monkey and the nigger; Hallejuier! Old Zip Lizy Coon-- keep ashoutin'--

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Hammontree, Doney


voice Doney Hammontree Bethel Grove, Arkansas June 14, 1951 Collected by Irene Carlisle Reel 129 Item 1 OLD ZIP LIZY COON The monkey and the nigger Both tumbled in the well; The monkey scratched the nigger And the nigger gave him Hallejuier! Old Zip Lizy Coon-- keep ashoutin'-- Hallejuier! Old Zip Lizy Coon] The jaybird and the peckerwood, They fought until they fell; The jaybird scratched the peckerwood, And the peckerwood gave him Hallejuier, etc. The Lord made Adam, then made Eve, And she sure did please him well; But every time his back was turned She gave his apples Hallejuier, etc. The prize-fight is over, And that you all know well; Old Paddy Ryan done his "best, But Sullivan gave him Hallejuier, etc. The farmer in his cotton-field, white cotton for to sell; The nigger in his melon-patch Was a-givin' his melons Hallejuier, etc. There's a hundred verses in my song, And I'll try and sing them well; But before I'd sing another verse I'd see you all in Hallejuier, etc. Funding for digitization provided by the Arkansas Humanities Council and the Happy Hollow Foundation.
Carlisle, Irene Jones
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1951 06 14
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