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Pepper family film: reel 10

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Trees, landscape, man fishing, water; neighborhood, woman and child with dog, cat, woman with children and dog on a hill, nature path, children climbing tree, dog eating off of plate, little girl with cat; women and child at zoo, monkeys, bears, birds, black bear, leopard, tiger, elephant, African American guest, tiger, deer, goats, zebra, young women, turkeys, young women feeding ostrich, camel, peacocks, bear; child shaking hands with dog, woman and child walking outdoors with dog, automobile, neighborhood, large white house, two young women pose for camera; young girl picking flowers, young boy and girl with kittens, young boy and girl on see-saw, dog with kittens, bird in bird bath, child in garden; child in bath tub, birds in the garden, bird house; man fishing, woman holding fish; bee keepers at work; young man in woman in graduation cap and gown, woman taking pictures; landscape at sunset; young man boarding train; man fishing attempting to reel in large fish; young girls at doorstep, children at tiny table with birthday cake,; man young women in motorized boat, man helping them with boat problems; young girl smiling for camera; man steering boat with small motor; ducks in small pond, young girl with puppies, African American woman lifting young girl to pick flowers, African American woman and child stand in front of house for camera, dog running around, African American woman holding hands with child; sunset by lake; white and African American men pitching tents and setting up camp site in the woods,...
Home Movie Collection (MUM00709), Archives and Special Collections, University of Mississippi. In Copyright;
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