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Big black nigger; There's a big black nigger living in this town,

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Riggins, Ollie


voice Collected by Dana Durst and Ellen Eagleson Mrs. Ollie Riggins For Mary C. Parler Fayetteville, Ark. April, 1964 REEL 440 Item 2 Big Black Nigger There's a big black nigger living in this town, And I don't like his aggravating ways, You would think he come from heaven he's so lucky shootin' seven, Makes me dead most every living day, He's got a heap a money, enough t' start a bank, Wears a diamond on his finger big as that, And to see the nigger walk and to listen to his talk, You would think he had the whole town pat. But he answers every thing and I's gwine t' tell you why, There's a certain other nigger goin' t' meet him by an' by, An' when the scrap is over and the corpse is on the ground You'll have to sweep the nigger up he'll be so Scattered around. Well I know there's trouble comin', fer I'n feel it in my bones, An' he hasn't got a livin' chance 'ith me, I's a gwine to his fäce (PLACE) where I can meet him face to face, He'll think he's at a colored jubilee, Done got my razor honed and I got it good and sharp, Got my gun located right here on my hip,, I know he's big an' strong an' his reach is good an' long But he's up again' his match this trip. For he answers every thing an' I's gwine t' tell ya why, There's...
Durst, Dana; Eagleson, Ellen
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1964 04
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