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Crowley, Tony


Republican memorial in form of mural, corner Donegall Rd/St James Crescent, West Belfast. IRA volunteer Francis Liggett (left) and Sinn Féin member Paddy Brady (right) with Mother Ireland (Éire) as the centrepiece and Gaelic insignia surround. Excerpts from poem by Bobby Sands - 'Weeping Winds' ('Oh, whispering winds why do you weep/When roaming free you are./Oh, is it that your poor hearts broke/And scattered of afar?/Or is it that you hear the cries/Of people born unfree,/Who like your way have no control/Or sovereign destiny? - Oh, lonely winds that stalk the night/To haunt the sinner’s soul/Pray pity me, a wretched lad/Who never will grow old./Pray pity those who lie in pain/The bondsman and the slave,/And whisper sweet the breath of God/ Upon my humble grave'). Liggett was killed by the British Army while on an IRA operation in 1973; Brady was assassinated by the UFF in 1984.Republican
Physical rights are retained by the photographer, Tony Crowley. Copyright is retained by the photographer, Tony Crowley.
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