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Reflection on the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election submitted by Violca Hathaway

@ Utah State University - Merrill-Cazier Library

Violca Hathaway


I hate the election results. As the election was going on, I was looking at universities in Canada as a 'just in case' plan. I do not agree with any of the platforms that Trump has currently. I believe all of his platforms go against every constitutional right and amendment in government; he wants to get a wall built and funded by Mexico, which will not happen; he has been racist to almost every person of color he meets; he had ridiculed mentally and physically disabled people; he wants to get rid of the entire department of education; he has called Canadians "snow-mexicans".The list goes on and on. I hate that he has said that he would bang his own daughter, you are NOT suppose to say that about your DAUGHTER, I don't love that he said, "Grab them by the pussy" because that is very demeaning to women everywhere, but, worse of all, he said that he will sue every woman who came out against him saying that Trump sexually assaulted or raped them. THAT IS NOT COOL, that is not t
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