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Interview with Germain Randrianasoloniaina (Malagasy)

@ Claremont Colleges Library

Andriambahiny, Tojohery


Germain’s mother died when he was five. He was neglected by his step mother and his father, who married four more times. Germain’s father did not support his education, so he never finished a high-school. When investigating the Church, it took him a year believe that rumors about the Church weren’t true. After baptism, he lost friends and family members, who did not support his decision. Because he did not want to be like his father, he delayed marriage until he was fifty-one years of age. He wants an eternal marriage and to be an example to his wife and children. His wife is in her twenties; he says he is a strict spouse. His wife converted from Catholicism. He says he has learned, despite suffering poverty and educational insufficiency; life is kindness. He earned an English certificate and works as a private English teacher. He takes online courses to further his education . He is unconcerned about the ethnicity of Church leaders. He is hopes to improve his education and go to America.
Randrianasoloniaina, Germain
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