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[Standards of Judgment for Preaching by Dr. Isaac R. Clark]

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Clark, Isaac R


In his homiletics class at the Interdenominational Theological Center, Dr. Isaac R. Clark talks about standards of judgment for preaching. Dr. Clark gives four standards: ethos, pathos, logos and Theos of preaching. Within his framework he discusses morality, and also warns against the seminarian desire to prove his education to church laymen.00:00:21 Clark talks about Zion ecclesiastical thief and general conference, and one of the minsters stealing from the church. 00:03:48 Talks about two unethical fallacies in preaching given by the Black minster. The first is preaching a message where the intended people are not there to hear it and the message does not get to them. The second is preaching helped Black people there have a false sense of religious pride and a delusion about themselves. 00:05:46 Talks about if preaching is to be relevant it must be judged by the criteria of ethos bringing the Christian proposition to bear on personal sins of all. 00:08:03 Talks about the difficulty of how to do and to be something being Black in a discriminating culture. States morality has little to do with circumstances, but has all to do with one’s own moral decision in good or bad circumstances. 00:10:25 Talks about the moral disease that has no respect of person. 00:13:12 Talks about the second preaching standard of pathos, expressing meaning of proposition where men can get it, and getting on same level with men in terms of their experience through language. 00:16:58 Talks about how the use of communal...
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1963 01 01
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