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Fancher family film: reel 1

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Downtown, Echols sign, Oil 10cent sign, Lead Gas sign, automobiles driving by, African American man in street with a broom; Highway 16 sign, water tower in the background; Tourist Rooms and Apts. Bath sign, Jeffs Grocery & Meats Fruit sign, African American consumer leaving stand and crossing the street, jump cut to car pulling up to stand; Harris Gas sign, Texaco sign and station, Whiskey sign in background, woman crossing the street; well-dressed men and women leaving building; woman walking to car and waving to camera; road trip footage, cows walking on the highway, cows on the side of the road, shots of landscape, shot of barn; man and woman walking into building together; men working in an office, Think sign, woman working in office; marching band on parade, Hillards Bargain Basement sign; children looking at camera through window; child squatting on sidewalk, child walking toward camera, young boy and girl in front of house; shots through screen window, H.C. Gasoline sign, old fire trucks driving by; blank film; little girl in the yard; children on the sidewalk, Always Less sign, young woman on the porch, young women and children in front of house; toddlers in yard, woman with children, automobile parked in yard in front of house, children playing in driveway; plane taking off; Eureka Springs Highway 62 City Route All Paved Americas Unique Mountain Resort sign, Eureka Springs sign; automobile, woman walking in front of wooden cabin; woman and toddler walking along highway, Cabins sign, automobile; women and...
Home Movie Collection (MUM00709), Archives and Special Collections, University of Mississippi. In Copyright;
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