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Scrapbook of Business Trade Cards: Cocoa, Coffee & Tea (Book 13)

@ History Colorado


This scrapbook contains trade cards from around the United States, and have to deal with cocoa, coffee & tea. Page two is one oval image of a little girl. Page three is blank. Page four has four cards, advertising Royal Dutch cocoa. Page five has seven cards, six of them advertise Ghirardelli's milk chocolate. Page six has eight cards, almost all advertise root beer. Page seven has four cards, one of the cards has a large bunch of purple grapes next to a Welch's grape juice bottle. Page eight has six cards, the bottom left corner card is of a blonde woman. Page nine has three cards, one includes an opened champagne bottle. Page 10 has five cards on the page, one is of a Japanese woman with play ball. Page 11 has seven cards on the page, the top corner left card has two people fishing. Page 12 has three cards, and all appear to be from the same company, the Woolson Spice Co. Page 13 has eight cards, and one is of a deer on its hind legs appearing to beg. Page 14 has four cards, the two that have brand names are for the Woolson Spice Co. Page 15 has three cards on it, all for the Woolson Spice Co. Page 16 has three cards as well, promoting Easter. Page 17 has two cards attached to the page, also promoting Easter. There is a white envelope containing a card formerly on this page, right behind the page....

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History Colorado

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Plains to Peaks Collective