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Promenade dress, 1838

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A woman appears in public promenade dress for 1838. She faces the viewer but her head is turned to the right and hidden by her hat. She wears a pale yellow bonnet with a wide brim. Pink flowers with green leaves and yellow ruffles decorate the crown and the side. Pale yellow ribbons with black stripes decorate the back of the hat and tie under the chin. Her dress is hunter green with ermine detailing. The collar is pink, edged on either side by ermine fur. The bodice is covered by a very large ermine muff that she holds with one hand. Her sleeves are adorned with hunter green rope lacing, with the end tassels hanging free. The majority of the sleeve is puffed with a rope laced cuff. The skirt is very full and has rope bows, tying the two sides together. She wears a pair of black ballet flats with white stockings and a pair of white gloves.
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