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Letter from Samuel Joseph May, Syracuse, [N.Y.], to William Lloyd Garrison, Sept[tember] 6. 1860

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Holograph, signed.Title devised by cataloger.Samuel Joseph May informs William Lloyd Garrison of the meeting held the previous evening by the Committee organizing the celebration of the ninth anniversary of the "Rescue of Jerry", and relays his instructions to officially invite Garrison to join them on the occasion as a speaker at the celebration. May informs Garrison that Gerrit Smith will not be joining them, having "renounced the anniversary" the previous year. May asserts that Beriah Green and Frederick Douglass are the only abolitionists in the region upon whom they may comfortably rely, and declares his hopes that Garrison will find himself able to assist them. May informs Garrison that Douglass and his wife are currently staying at May's house in Syracuse, and that Douglass himself will be delivering a lecture in May's church. May urges Garrison to be mindful of his physical condition, reminding him that he has "entered a period of life in which you will find yourself less able than you once were to recover lost health".
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