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The Tacoma Buddhist Temple - 1717 South Fawcett, Tacoma, WA: A Brief Historical Perspective

@ University of Washington

Yukawa, Kosho; Nakano, Yaeko Stout, Susan


The oral history interviews with members of the Tacoma Buddhist Temple form the core of a class project by Susan Stout for the Community History Project under the supervision of Professor Michael K. Honey. The main contents of Stout's project are contained in a looseleaf binder, which includes the sound recordings and transcripts of the interviews, Stout's research paper, release forms for the interviewees, as well as research materials, which include a set of photographs taken by Fox of the interior and exterior of the Temple building, portraits of the interviewees and other congregants, and events at the Temple; also included are brochures and pamphlets on different aspects of Buddhism, as well as the Tacoma Buddhist Church's 50th anniversary publication (1965).
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