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Oral history interview with Ellis Arnall, 1985 December 12

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Ellis Arnall (1907-1992) is considered one of Georgia's most progressive governors and one of the nation's youngest governors during his Democratic administration that began in 1942. In his term, the poll tax was abolished, the voting age was lowered, the state's debt was paid off and the state constitution was revised. Early in his career, Arnall was Speaker Pro Tempore representing Coweta County in the state assembly. Arnall served as state Attorney General under Gov. E.D. Rivers.Interviewed by Mel Steely in an unknown location on December 12, 1985.This audio cassette seems to be a continuation of an earlier conversation. There are no direct questions asked of Arnall. He tells several amusing stories about being a lawyer for various corporations. Arnall references affirmative action and quotas, stating that he does not agree with these policies. He states that citizens have freedoms and should be able to do their own thing. Arnall does feel that compulsory voting registration should be required. Voting is a privilege, a right and a duty.
Steely, MelUniversity of West Georgia. Georgia Political Papers and Oral History Program
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