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Fashions, Autumn 1836

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Seven women in fashions for October 1836. The woman in the top left hand corner is shown from the waist up. Her hair is done in an intricate up-do with loops at the back and is drawn smoothly over her ears, with decorations of pearls and pink flowers. She wears a pair of dangling, teardrop shaped earrings as well as two necklaces. Two swaths of white lace fabric with lace trim come over her shoulders, crossing the bodice. The bodice is vertically pleated with a straight neck. Her sleeves are made of several sections of layered fabric arranged like the petals of a flower. Her belt is fastened tightly around her waist with a tall narrow buckle in the center. The woman in the top center of the page is shown from the knees up. She wears a wide brimmed, blue bonnet, embellished with large white feathers and large bows made of blue ribbon. A blue ribbon ties the hat underneath her chin. The bodice is white with a small "V" shaped neck, trimmed with white ruffles. A seam, also trimmed with white ruffles, runs down the center of the bodice. She wears a small, oval brooch. Large white ruffles and lace trim the seams on her shoulders and upper sleeves. Her sleeves are wide and pale yellow in color. One of her cuffs is white, trimmed with white lace, and the other is yellow, trimmed with yellow lace, in the same hue as the rest of the sleeve. She...
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