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Theater program of "Carnival" by Michael Stewart, music by Bob Merrill, based on material by Helen Deutsch. This performance ran from October 26-December 11, 1965. Performers include Herbert Kerr/Frank Strain as Jacquot, John Sabo, Ralph Johnson, Luther Hudson, and George Wager as Four Roustabouts, Kenneth Barnes/George Gould as B.F. Schlegel, Dianne Johnson/Carol Loeber as the Incomparable Rosalie, Nathaniel Barnett/Al Kirk as Marco the Magnificent, Better Sweeney as Princess Olga, Barbara McClain as Gladys Zuwicki, Corliss Taylor as GLoria Zuwicki, Lynn Miller/Carla Miller/Michelle Wager/Sheila Wager as Greta Schlegel, Mary Lou Hayes/Carol Klevay as Lili, James Cothbertson as Grobert, Al Kirk/William Jeans as Paul Berthalet, LaVern Howard as First Card Girl, Marshal Beck as Dr. Glass, Edward Schechtell as A Clown. Members of the Cirque de Paris: Jerome Harris, Perry Barnes, Marion Clifton, Cheryl Jenkins, Tony Smith, Cleveland Anderson, James Feaster, Luther Hudson, Janis Singleton, Sharon Harris, Ronald Carldwell, Karl Harris, Sharon Nash, Catherine Hays, Will Freeman, Deborah Young, Andrew Brown, Vanessa Brown, Celeste Hart, Celesta Wagner, Dorothy Spears, Dudley Butler, Oreala Moore. Dancers: Denise Sweeny, Bette Sweeney, LaVern Howard Bonnie Edros, C. Leslie Taylor, Barbara McClain, and Cheryl Wynn.
Merrill, BobStewart, MichaelDeutsch, Helen
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