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Sheffield home movie collection, Reel 17, Rolls 19-22 (hm-sheff_0124)

@ Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection


Black slug. Segment one: Visiting family, 0:06. Two toddlers are being pulled in a carriage by goats being led by an African American boy. The little boy feeds the goat corn, then eats some himself. The African American boy previously leading the goats rides with the little boy. He then rides alone on a goat. An African American woman and boy try to put the little boy on a goat, but do not succeed. He continues to feed the goats corn. He then pulls the wagon. He lies down on a bed. The little boy sits on the back of a horse in the saddle as he is lead around slowly. The little boy sits in a tin tub and plays with the water. The two African American boys run across the yard. They ride on the goat cart with the little boy. He rides alone. The little boy rides a tricycle. A house with water skis outside sits on the water. There are trees surrounding a large lake. A boy pulls the little boy in a wagon by riding his bicycle. The boy's mother pulls him in a wagon. He walks around the yard in a robe. He pulls the wagon beside their pool. He plays with a sprinkler on the side of the pool. His grandfather tries to get him to jump in, but the boy will not do it. They swim together and splash. The little boy still will not jump into the pool. Inside the house...

Record Contributed By

Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection

Record Harvested From

Digital Library of Georgia


  1. African American Boys
  2. African American Household Employees
  3. African American Women
  4. African Americans
  5. Airplanes
  6. Alexandria
  7. Alexandria (Va.)
  8. Amateur Films
  9. Americus
  10. Architecture, Domestic
  11. Automobiles
  12. Award Presentations
  13. Baby Carriages
  14. Baths
  15. Beaches
  16. Bellamy, Francis. Pledge Of Allegiance To The Flag
  17. Bicycles
  18. Boats And Boating
  19. Bodies Of Water
  20. Boston
  21. Boston (Mass.)
  22. Boys
  23. Buildings
  24. Cambridge
  25. Cambridge (Mass.)
  26. Canoes And Canoeing
  27. Carnegie, Thomas M., 1843 1886
  28. Carriages And Carts
  29. Charles River (Mass.)
  30. Church Buildings
  31. Cliffs
  32. Concord
  33. Cottages
  34. Cumberland Island
  35. Cumberland Island (Ga.)
  36. Cycling
  37. Dachshunds
  38. Description And Travel
  39. Dinners And Dining
  40. Dogs
  41. Dolphins
  42. Domes
  43. Donkeys
  44. Excavations (Archaeology)
  45. Family Vacations
  46. Flags
  47. Flowers
  48. Ford's Theatre (Washington, D.C.)
  49. Furniture
  50. Georgia
  51. Girls
  52. Goats
  53. Grandfathers
  54. Grandmothers
  55. Gulls
  56. Harvard University
  57. Historic Buildings
  58. Hotels
  59. Houseboats
  60. Infants
  61. Islands
  62. Kayaking
  63. Life Preservers
  64. Maine
  65. Marblehead
  66. Marblehead (Mass.)
  67. Marinas
  68. Massachusetts
  69. Men
  70. Monuments
  71. Mount Vernon
  72. Mount Vernon (Va. : Estate)
  73. Mount Vernon (Va.)
  74. Older Men
  75. Older Women
  76. Organ (Musical Instrument)
  77. Organists
  78. Palms
  79. Pets
  80. Piano
  81. Ponies
  82. Roads
  83. Roller Skating
  84. Rowers
  85. Salem
  86. Salem (Mass.)
  87. Sandcastles
  88. School Children
  89. Sculpture
  90. Sepulchral Monuments
  91. Ship Models
  92. Signs And Signboards
  93. Sofas
  94. Sprinklers
  95. Statues
  96. Stone Walls
  97. Swimming
  98. Swimming Pools
  99. Swings
  100. Toddlers
  101. Tomb
  102. Toy Guns
  103. Toys
  104. Tractors
  105. Tricycles
  106. Tugboats
  107. United States
  108. United States Capitol (Washington, D.C.)
  109. Virginia
  110. Wagons
  111. Washington (D.C.)
  112. Washington Monument (Washington, D.C.)
  113. Women
  114. Wooden Bridges

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