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Sheffield home movie collection, Reel 1, Rolls 1-5 (hm-sheff_0086)

@ Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection


Test pattern. Black slug. Segment one: Car, 0:24. A man stands next to a sign: "TITLES BY" and a name that was illegible. A different man stands by a chalkboard with a drawing of a man "PHOTOGRAPHED BY HIMSELF." An old car drives down the street toward the camera. A woman stands with a bushel of flowers next to the stopped car with people in it. The woman with the flowers sits in the driver's seat and talks to the camera. Segment two: Dog, 0:47. Chalkboard: "YES SIR THATS MY BABY" with a drawing of a man pushing a dog in a baby carriage. A dog runs down a path in the woods. It stops and looks around before continuing. It stops slowly into a river, then sits on the rocks. It barks up a tree. A woman picks flowers. People stand around a small building. Segment three: Bull Sluice, 1:21. Chalkboard: "AT "BULL SLUICE" ON THE CHATTAHOOCHEE" with a drawing of Bull Sluice. A woman walks through the woods. The sluice is shown. It looks like a lake or pond. Light glints off the water. Trees rustle in the wind. Segment four: Family, 1:45. Chalkboard: "AUNT EM' AND OFFSPRINGS" with a drawing of a woman and three children behind her. Two women walk through the woods with two children, a young girl and a toddler. They stand with their mother. The younger child goes up to the dog and tries to play with it while a man holds it...

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Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection

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Digital Library of Georgia