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Sodade: diasproric cape verdeans and development in their homeland

@ Atlanta University Center Robert W. Woodruff Library

Lima-Neves, Terza Alice Silva


DissertationPh.D.Political ScienceThis study addresses the questions of what factors impact diasporas' involvement in the development of their homeland and how diasporas demonstrate their support for that development by analyzing the Cape Verdean diaspora in the United States and its relationship with the homeland, Cape Verde. I contend that diasporas maintain different levels of engagement with their homeland. This connection changes over time, based on conditions in the host country and the homeland, thus affecting the level of intensity of diasporas' engagement with the homeland. The research findings complicate how we conceptualize political mobilization and community organizing. They incorporate informal social and political networks as viable ways for diasporas' involvement in homeland development, into the existing theories on diasporas, development, and the impact of remittances and brain drain. In the Cape Verdean case, informal transnational activities and networks are alternatives for this unskilled diaspora community that lacks the resources to flourish otherwise. This study also adds the Cape Verdean case to the broader scholarship on contemporary African diasporas. The factors conducive to diaspora investment in homeland development include: stable homeland government, policies that are inclusive of diaspora political participation and business investments, and diaspora support through diplomatic relations with host country. Since its independence, Cape Verde has emerged as an example for other African nations, with a stable democracy and steady economic growth, while introducing policies inclusive of its diaspora. Most Cape Verdeans in the U.S. have not yet adapted to the Western system of group mobilization and political participation through...
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2009 05 01
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