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A narrative of the life and labors of the Rev. G.W. Offley, a colored man, local preacher and missionary, : who lived twenty-seven years at the South and twenty-three at the North; who never went to school a day in his life, and only commenced to learn his letters when nineteen years and eight months old; the emancipation of his mother and her three children; how he learned to read while living in a slave state, and supported himself from the time he was nine years old until he was twenty-one

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Two hymns "What a mercy" and "Jacob's ladder" (without music) on pages 22-24.Consult, Dumond, D.L. Antislavery in America, page 86.Sabin, J. Dictionary of books relating to America from its discovery to the present timeContemporary green limp printed paper wrappers; text stab-sewn through three holes and paper wrapper pasted on.ACQ: 37938; David M. Lesser; 9/27/2011.
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