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[Criteria for Judging Preaching by Dr. Isaac R. Clark]

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Clark, Isaac R


In this lecture Dr. Isaac R. Clark outlines a working theological definition of preaching. He states this definition is not perfect but gives the preacher a working objective when preparing sermons. Dr. Clark (based on theological definition of preaching), critiques modern mainstream preaching as shallow and operating within the shadows. He further details the causes of spiritual poverty of modern preaching.00:01:00 Dr. Isaac Clark talks about working theological definition of preaching and critique of preaching. 00:02:36 Admits theological definition of preaching can be improved, but can help in serving as a working objective for one to shoot for in preparing their sermon. The definition can also serve as a standard for judging the validity of every sermon one hears or preach. 00:05:43 Talks about making a critique of mainstream preaching from three points of view. First makes a general assessment about the preaching situation of contemporary mainline Protestantism in America. Secondly will attempt to prove the assessment is accurate. Thirdly give causes for predicament of preaching in contemporary American. 00:08:07 Talks about how contemporary preaching is not getting at the deep fundamental grade serious questions of life, lacking in understanding of psychology and sociology. 00:10:33 Talks about because there is not brave import in much of modern preaching, and that people no longer take preaching seriously. 00:17:55 Talks about Billy Graham conducting a crusade in Los Angeles and 930,340 persons attended during the two week crusade and 40,000 converts came to Christ. Questions why they joined Graham and not local...
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1963 01 01
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