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Lytle family film: reel 4

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African American men harvesting hay using tractor power, damaged film, close up of John Deere Power Process machine; damaged film, African American man riding down road on tractor; damaged film, African American men with tractor pulling large farming equipment; damaged film, African American man operating tractor in field; damaged film, African American man pouring seed into spreader on back of the tractor, close up of seeds, African American men at back of John Deere tractor; damaged film, automobile in field; damaged film, African American man sharpening teeth of saw with file; damaged film, four African American men cutting log with double-handed saw, shot of two men working double-handed saw, dog in the background, close up of saw cutting into log, damaged film, African American man chopping log with ax, close up of ax chopping into wood; African American man releasing dog to chase a rat, dog catches large rat; white and African American men working in small shed with toddler present, close up of white toddler, African American man holding dog for toddler, white man talking to toddler, white man washing tools with cloth, two white men working on something off camera; African American women working in cotton field, picking cotton, close ups of cotton, African American woman with sweater with many tears and holes; mule standing outside of weighing shed; African American laborers weighing large sacks of cotton, young African American boy; African American man carrying large sack of cotton, young African American man riding mule; African American men...
Home Movie Collection (MUM00709), Archives and Special Collections, University of Mississippi. In Copyright;
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