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Joint Select Committees: Reports, referrals, etc., Nov. 18 - Dec. 6

@ North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources

North Carolina. General Assembly


Fussell, Elizabeth; Fussell, Benjamin; Duff, William; Glasgow, James; Drumgoole, Alexander; Hill, Henry; Fill, Thomas; Lindsay, Carlton; Speers, Henry; Holcomb, Philemon; Warrenton, James; McClure, Matthew; McRee, Griffith John; Simpson, Jane; Rutherford, Thomas; Graham, William; Grayham, William; Leech, Joseph; Simpson, Charles; Gaillard, John; Gilyard, John; Moore, William; Flowers, David; Ervin, Joseph; Erwin, Joseph;Nov. 18: Referral of petition of Elizabeth Fussell (with petition); Nov. 20: Report on petition of James Glasgow, Secretary of State (with petition); Nov. 21: Report of committee appointed to confer with Alexander Drumgoole, re Indian affairs; Nov. 21: Report on petition of Henry Hill and Thomas Fill (with petition); Nov. 24: Report on petition of Henry Spears (petition and depositions only); Nov. 24: Report on petition of James Warrenton (with petition); Nov. 26: Report of committee considering part of treasurer's report re possible fraud (involving some Assembly certificates (messages only); Nov. 26: Report on petition of Matthew McClure (with petition); Nov. 29: Report on petition of Griffith John McRee, re lost warrant (petition only); Dec. 2: Report on James Iredell's application to Assembly re repealed of disallowed acts; Dec. 2: Report on petition of Jane Simpson (petition only); Dec. 3: Referral of petition of William Graham/Grayham (with unsubmitted report); Dec. 4: Report on petition of Col. Joseph Leech, late commissary of prisoners; Dec. 4: Report of committee for preparing instructions to be observed by commissioners for treating with the Indians (message only); Dec. 5: Report on petition of Charles Simpson (petition only); Dec. 5: Report on petition of William...
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