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Stone Academy in Zanesville

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Caption reads: "Matthews House, 113 Jefferson St., Zanesville, Ohio. The Ohio legislature met here for three sessions while the capital was being moved from Chillicothe to Columbus." This is actually The Stone Academy, located at 115 Jefferson Street. This building was originally constructed in 1809 with funds donated by Dr. Increase Mathews, Levi Whipple, and Ebenezer Buckingham, in Putnam, which was then a separate and rival community. Built of sandstone from nearby Putnam Hill, it was originally meant to serve as the new state capitol building. John McIntire and others construct a building of their own to compete for the honor. State legislature selected Zanesville to serve as the capital of Ohio from 1810 to 1812, and the Putnam building became and school and held many for public functions. The State Abolition Society held meetings there in 1835 and 1839, and also served as a station on the Underground Railroad. In 1840, it was converted to a private residence and was the childhood home of author, actress and activist Elizabeth Robins. In 1983, Mrs. Richard (Lydia McHenry) Taylor left the building to the Pioneer and Historical Society and it has served as a museum since.
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