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Spotlight, Volume 4, Number 4, Thomson High School, Esko, Minnesota

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Thomson Township High School


An attorney from Cloquet was the guest speaker at the Armistice Day program. Thomson student Beatrice Lehto played several accordion solos on the radio broadcast of the Finnish Program sponsored by Occident Flour. Mildred Bergstedt was selected by the state 4-H club leader to give a talk about 4-H Clubs on radio station WEBC. The PTA Chorus presented Mrs. Hale of the Denfeld High School to give a lecture at the Lincoln about her year in Finland. Student Harry Osvald returned to Lincoln to complete his senior year of high school after spending six months in the CCC at Gooseberry Falls, where he served as editor of the twenty-page CCC monthly paper, "The Gitchi Gummi Undertow." Superintendent A. L Winterquist wrote an editorial about the high school pupil. There was an "In Memoriam" to Andrew E. Jarvi. In eighth grade school news, Alice Klemo couldn't attend school because of illness in her family that necessitated her entire family being quarantined for six weeks. The Esko Bears made a trip to Elde's Corner to trounce the All Stars from Elde's Corner in football. The English Lutheran Sunday School, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the church, presented an anniversary program at the Lincoln School. Among the various community news items was a story about Mr. H. J. Mattinen, local postmaster, telling about a new mail service from Duluth and Cloquet, bringing the total number of deliveries a day of mail to Esko to six. Mr. and Mrs. L. B....
Tan, Helen; Jarvie, Esther; Bergstedt, Mildred; Nynas, Lambert; Himango, Lauri; Maunu, Verna; Carlson, Clarence; Hallback, Kenneth; Gustafson, Elsie; Lassila, Elton; Dyer, Frances; Kivisto, Helmi; Nynas, Lambert; Koski, Helen; Koski, Evelyn; Vivian Wilson, Vivian; Kommes, Ethel; Seglem, Esther
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