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Brokaw family film: reel 4

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Teenage boys in letterman jackets next to an automobile, Goodyear sign, boys giving each other bunny ears; unofficial womens basketball game; unofficial mens basketball game; overexposed film; high school womens basketball game, boys' basketball game; overexposed film; mens high school basketball game, slow motion footage of game, return to regular speed, shot of scoreboard; people on golf course; people entering house; young men and boys on green at golf course, automobiles, people carrying things from cars, young women arriving, putting on the green at golf course; large group of men, women, and children indoors for an event, large table with food, African American bartender, glass bottles of soda, African American servant, people putting food on their plates, glass bottles of soda, tables separated by gender; shots of men and women from school faculty and staff at teachers desk or sitting in student desks; scenes from little league baseball game, slow motion footage of baseball game; boy in closet; scenes from little league baseball game, slow motion footage of baseball game; scenes of marching band on football field, dancers on football field, slow motion footage of band marching; young men and women in letterman jackets at bonfire, shots of the fire, slow motion footage of fire burning, people rolling tires into fire, girls leading a cheer, slow motion of girls cheering, footage of people in the crowd, slow motion cheering; marching band on football field; footage of people after the marching; young women cheering while wearing University of Mississippi sweaters with...
Home Movie Collection (MUM00709), Archives and Special Collections, University of Mississippi. In Copyright;
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