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DARE Interview: Bronx, New York; Primary Informant NY240

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Informant Data:NY240: Black; male; age: 73 (old); education: high school; community type: urbanMedia Files:Full Interview 1 (Tape 1195-S1).Content:00:20 Hydrotherapy, health04:10 Family history: grandparents were slaves in Virginia who came to New York, and other grandparents from New Jersey and New England14:20 Family history: Father worked as a Redcap; family lived in Harlem16:30 Harlem in the past, employment for Black people18:50 Family home in Williams Bridge, Williams Bridge in the past, transportation—trolley cars, elevated train21:35 He was a fireman on Lower East Side 1919-1942, then in the Bronx29:50 Black fraternal organization, fire department and discrimination against Black firemen32:44 Tape endFull Interview 2 (Tape 1195-S2).00:05 Working as a fireman, racial prejudice02:30 Banker from Trinidad who trained him in weightlifting and exercise09:05 Working for the fire department: promotions, racial prejudice, firefighting experiences, firemen32:15 Tape end

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