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Quicksilver Times, Volume 1, Number 13

@ DC Public Library

Sixth Column


Underground counterculture newspaper featuring radical leftist political and social news and information. Articles in this edition feature information about demonstrations against the treatment of the Chicago 8 and demonstrations against the Vietnam War, calls for volunteers and information about organization efforts for demonstrations in the D.C. area, political vandalism at the Dow Chemical office in D.C., an update on efforts to prevent the construction of the Three Sisters Bridge in D.C., information about the characteristics, effects, protection and treatment for various types of gas commonly used against protestors, demonstrations against Japanese Prime Minister Sato planned for the Pacific Rim Conference in Washington, D.C., the second in a series of reprints from an ACLU pamphlet about wiretapping circa 1969, coverage of the trial of Bobby Seale, criticism of the effect of anti-marijuana policies by the US targeting Mexico on the shift to hard drugs in the US, and a calendar of local events.Original version: print newspaper; DC Public Library, Special Collections, Periodicals, Quicksilver Times
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