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UH review : Utah's health : an annual review (volume 11, 2006)

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Baiden, Erica White, George L Bloebaum, Lois Barnard, Pete Towsley, Gail L Dudley, William N Beck, Susan L Mueller, Kimberly S Xu, Wu Pickard, Steven Silver, Michael P Hougland, Paul Masheter, Carol Donnelly, Steve Nebeker, Jonathan Rich Samore, Matthew Williams, Scott D Merrill, Ray M Hillam, Steven Lloyd, Jenifer Chapman Zimmerman, Judith Pinborough McMahon, William Miller, Judith Utz, Rebecca L Mayai, Augustino Nellish, Karen Coats, Karen A Friedrichs, Michael Ware, Joan L Larsen, LaDene Rolfs, Robert T Springmeyer, Doug Jankowski, Jan Jaboin, Greg


Chart review to determine associated risk factors related to peripartum mortality in Utah's African American infants -- Quality care in Utah nursing homes : urban vs. rural -- Analysis of surveillance data of three sexually transmitted diseases and Hepatitis C in a selected population in Salt Lake County -- Patient safety events in Utah : the first statewide assessment -- Religion and bodyweight in Utah -- Developmental screening practices and autism awareness of Utah's primary care physicians : 2004 survey results -- The health and health care needs of a refugee population : the lost boys of Sudan -- Utah school children height and weight measurement project, 1993 and 2002 -- Pandemic influenza : background and challenges for preparedness -- A case study : public health legislation HB 129 -- 2006 Utah legislative review -- Health savings accounts : banking on better healthcare? -- 2006 Utah health data review -- Health services directory.
University of Utah
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