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Harmon "Bud" Day Interview

@ Claremont Heritage

Claremont Heritage Elliott, Ginger Hart, M Day, Harmon Bud


Key Words: Claremont Education, Claremont Local Businesses [Tape 1] Bud Day moved to Claremont in 1914 when he was eight years old, and he has lived in Claremont ever since (1995). His father found work building houses and doing repair work for people in Claremont. Bud went to the Claremont Grammar School (now Sycamore Elementary). He remembers several of his teachers and describes the segregation and discrimination towards Mexican and Chinese students during that time. After he graduated from high school, he attended Pomona College for three years. He worked for the post office in Claremont under Ruth Powell for fifteen years, then he worked as a distributor for the Los Angeles Times. During that time, he opened his bike shop on First Street. He remembers some of the other businesses in Claremont including a confectioner’s store, Missions Café, the San Antonio Hotel, a drug store, a movie theater, a bowling alley, a jewelry store, and a hardware store. He mentions that there were homeless people living by the train tracks east of College Avenue. He added, “They walked around town, would never bother you. Talk to you if you wanted to talk to them, but never ask for anything.” He describes the types of bikes that he sold in his shop. Business was good, and eventually he was able to work at the bike shop full time. “That was more fun than anything I ever did," he added. "Those Claremont kids were great, they really were.” He added that...
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