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Esther Walls' general correspondence, 1950-1959

@ University of Iowa


Contents: Acceptance of invitation to conference, Mar. 2, 1959; Approval of grade 4 report topic, Mar. 21, 1955; Approval to not do grade 4 report and take executive training seminars, Oct. 31, 1955; Approval to take executive training seminars and assignment, Jan. 24, 1956; Edward Freehafer's letter of compliment, Oct. 9, 1958; Elizabeth Riley encouraging authoring a book on jazz, Jan. 19, 1955; Gilbert Chapman's thank you for the report, Sept. 16, 1958; Invitation to Holiday Hills Conference, Feb. 25, 1959; Invitation to ride to conference with Edward Freehafer, Apr. 10, 1959; Letter accompanying Douglas book galleys, Apr. 19, 1956; Permission request for grade 4 report topic, Feb. 23, 1955; Recommendation from Samuel Gompers Voc. and Tech. H.S., Apr. 28, 1954; Recommendation to eligible list for the grade of Supervising Librarian, Jul. 2, 1956; Request to take seminar instead of writing report, Oct. 10, 1955; Thank you from Charles Spiegler, Food Trades Voc. H.S., Oct. 13, 1954; Thank you from Constance Brown, Oct. 21, 1952; Thank you from Dean Lowell Martin, Rutgers, Feb. 13, 1959; Thank you from Edward Freehafer, May 24, 1955; Thank you from Elizabeth Riley, Dec. 30, 1955; Thank you from Mary T., Aug. 14, 1950; Thank you from Seelig Lester, Samuel Gompers Voc. and Tech. H.S., May 22, 1956; Thank you letter from Elizabeth Riley, July 31, 1956
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