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Letter from Christine Carey to Caleb Foote

@ University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Carey, Christine


Nothing interesting going on. "Grand opportunities for service in public library work... You realize how we fell as a minority group in a democracy. Sometimes I wonder about America - being the land of the free, the home of the brave...." Read an article on the return of Japanese families: "it's doubly hard to win a war 'over there' when there are wars 'over here' being fought. In some instances we see improvement in relations, but for the most part, much has to be done before we can win anywhere. They still lynch negroes in the US but they gasp at the treatment of other groups by the Nazi. We see it in stores, where we may not enter, because of our color, even though Indians which are actually darker, and plentiful in this state may go, and to the shows... On the bus no colored person can sit 'in front' of a white one. All of this foolishness must cease here at home. There are undesirables in all races, but if it is a negro, then all of them are classed together..."
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