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Council of Federated Organizations Panola County Office --Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party District and Precinct Records, 1964-1965 (Council of Federated Organizations Panola County Office records, 1963-1965; Archives Main Stacks, Mss 521, Box 1, Folder 14)

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Council of Federated Organizations (U.S.). Panola County Office (Miss.)


Most of the items in this folder involve voter registration and precinct organizing for the Freedom Days of 1962 through the Democratic National Convention of 1964 and the Congressional Challenge in 1965. There's a paper on "How to Organize Your Community for the August 2nd [1962] Election"; memos on Freedom Days by Stokely Carmichael; meeting minutes and resolutions from various precinct meetings in Mississippi; memos regarding plans for the Democratic National Convention (1964); a memo from Student Voice offering sample posters, stickers, and flyers for the voter registration campaign. There's also a description of parliamentary procedure and instructions for leading precinct meetings, and a 1965 memo to COFO workers to come to a CORE-sponsored rally in Bogalusa, Louisiana.
Reports And Surveys Meeting Minutes Memoranda Correspondence
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  1. Allen, Marsalite
  2. Amatniak, Kathie
  3. Bell, Connie
  4. Bell, John E
  5. Blue, Willie
  6. Bradford, R. W
  7. Bruce, Perry
  8. Brunt, Carrie
  9. Brunt, Clyde
  10. Burdette, Cornelia
  11. Burdette, Phebis Pearl
  12. Cambell, Bertha
  13. Campbell, Lillie Mae
  14. Carmichael, Stokely
  15. Chaffee, Lois
  16. Childrens, Casthedral
  17. Childs, Major
  18. Clement, Frank G
  19. Coleman, Kathy
  20. Collins, Henrietta
  21. Congress Of Racial Equality
  22. Council Of Federated Organizations (U.S.)
  23. Cowan, Geoff
  24. Cox, Thomas
  25. Democratic National Convention (1964 : Atlantic City, N.J.)
  26. Discrimination
  27. Discrimination In Employment
  28. Edmund, Stanley
  29. Education
  30. Elections
  31. Farmer, James, 1920 1999
  32. Flowers, Clara
  33. Flowers, Dona
  34. Flowers, Paul
  35. Forman, James
  36. Freedom Day
  37. Freedom Vote
  38. Freeman, Maggie
  39. Gary, Bessie
  40. Gary, Robinson
  41. Glover, Thelma
  42. Gray, Victoria
  43. Greene, Joe L
  44. Gregory, Dick
  45. Grins, Eugene
  46. Hamer, Fannie Lou
  47. Harrison, Willie
  48. Hentz, Daniel
  49. Hentz, Lola
  50. Hobbs, Solomon
  51. Johnson, Christine
  52. Johnson, Ivory
  53. Johnson, Lola
  54. Johnson, Lyndon
  55. Johnson, Marina
  56. Johnson, Marvin
  57. Johnson, Paul B
  58. Kunstler, Karin
  59. Lawson, Clara
  60. Lawson, John
  61. Leggins, Adolph
  62. Lloyd, Alto
  63. Logan, Clara
  64. Looby, Z. Alexander
  65. Love, Erwin
  66. Love, Irving
  67. Maddock, Adolph
  68. Martin, Charlene
  69. Mass Media
  70. Middleton, G. W
  71. Miles, Robert
  72. Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party
  73. Morris, Arthur
  74. Morris, John
  75. Nash, Walter, Sr
  76. Norwood, William
  77. Potts, Mrs. Demple
  78. Reece, Gussie Mae
  79. Robinson, Mrs. Cornelius
  80. Robinson, Virgie Lee
  81. Rudd, Rev
  82. Smith, E. D
  83. Smith, Matthew
  84. Smith, Mike
  85. Stennis, John C
  86. Strand, John M
  87. Suckle, Mark
  88. Thomas, Edward
  89. Thomas, Pauline
  90. Trantham, H. C
  91. Tucker, Earl
  92. Tucker, Eva
  93. Turney, Barbara
  94. Voter Registration
  95. Wages
  96. Wallace, Lula
  97. Wallace, Thomas
  98. Webb, Arreece
  99. Webb, Edward
  100. Webb, Lizzie Mae
  101. Webb, Maurice
  102. Wesley, Bessie
  103. Whiting, S. T
  104. Whitten, Jamie
  105. Wiley, Jessie Marie
  106. Williams, C. J
  107. Williams, E. J
  108. Williams, Elmira
  109. Williams, Olivia
  110. Willis, A. W., Jr
  111. Wolf, David
  112. Young Democratic Clubs Of Mississippi
  113. Zaretsky, Eli