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DARE Interview: Owego, New York; Primary Informant NY123

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Informant Data:NY123: White; female; age: 52 (middle-aged); education: college; community type: villageMedia Files:Arthur the Rat. Speaker: NY123 (3:12)Full Interview 1 (Tape 1151-S1).Content:00:15 Children's church choirs, choir festival, choral society performance11:25 Local history—settlement, development, hotels, steamer, social life, Underground Railroad station, community character15:05 River shipping, ice cutting16:25 Tobacco plantation, cigar manufacture (past)17:50 Local industries—shoe factory, computer company; politics22:00 Schools, average age of population22:45 Working as a reporter during the trial of the Apalachin Meeting/Gangland Convention26:55 Politics—town now has some Democrat candidates29:00 Local farming30:25 Tape endFull Interview 2 (Tape 1151-S2).00:05 Canning, preserving and pickling in the past on the farm06:20 Ice house07:00 Meat preservation in the past on the farm09:25 Family life, life in the past11:30 Arthur the Rat14:40 Tape end

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