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Sheffield home movie collection, Reel 11, Rolls 10-14 (hm-sheff_0117)

@ Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection


Black slug. Segment one: Mountain vacation, 0:07. Cars are parked on the side of the road as people stand on a stone overlook. Mountain ranges. View of the cars and mountains from the stone overpass. Water flows swiftly down a creek over rocks. Bare trees reflect in a lake. A mountain stands in the distance. A man lifts a small girl onto his shoulder while standing next to a canoe. The two of them and two other women wave at the camera. The man and girl bend down to pet a dog. The girl swims in the water to and from her father. A boy swims with an inflatable tube. The girl swings on a toy. She plays croquet in the yard. A group of children play London Bridge then leapfrog. Two girls apply make up to an older girl. A girl swims in the water. A man jumps off of a diving boards into the water. The girl swims to her mother. Someone swims gracefully under water. Waves crash on a beach. A girl drops sand into the waves. A car sits parked on the beach. A woman and the girl sit on rocks overlooking the water. The group watches a large ship go by. There are a lot of other people sitting and standing on the rocks to watch. Small boats bob along in the water. People walk back to where their cars are parked on the beach. The girl runs down a large hill made out of...

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Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection

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Digital Library of Georgia