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Bridle used at Lincoln Hills Cares

@ History Colorado


Light brown leather bridle with black edges. There is yellow stitching on the browband, cheek pieces, and throatlatch straps. There are three silver buckles at the top of the right and left cheek pieces and on the proper left side of the throatlatch. The ends of the cheek pieces are looped with silver fasteners. There is a "P" stamped into the end of the throatlatch, below the silver buckle. Two rectangular silver rings on the browband separate the headpiece and throatlatch straps. Up to donation, objects were used in the program by the participants. Lincoln Hills Cares is non-profit program that is grounded in Colorado, creates opportunities for, and empowers youths who would otherwise not have the opportunity to do so because of economic, social, or family circumstances. Founded in 2008, Lincoln Hills Cares was born out of Robert F. Smith's and Matthew Burkett's desire to create educational and transformative outdoor education-focused experiences. Lincoln Hills Cares is currently on the property of the historic Lincoln Hills, a resort that was the only vacation resort west of the Mississippi River for African Americans. Lincoln Hills Cares continues in that vein through the Youth Outdoor Educational Program, the Nizhoni Equestrian Program, and the TeamWorks Service Learning Program.Stamped into leather, proper right side, end of throatlatch strap: P

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