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The moments formulation for determining eigenvalues of physically important systems

@ Atlanta University Center Robert W. Woodruff Library

Williams, Robert Morton


ThesisM.S.PhysicsA fundamentally new method for determininc’ eigenvalues of linear differential operators is presented. The method involves the application of moments analysis and offers a fast and precise numerical alqorithm for eigenvalue computation, particularly in the strong and intermediate coupling reqimes. The most remarkable feature of this approach is that it provides exponentially converging lower and upper bounds to the eigenvalues. The effectiveness of this method is demonstrated by applyinq it to three important problems: the simple harmonic oscillator potential problem, the quantum potential x2 + ƛ2 / 1 + gx2(studied by Lai and Lin in 1982), and the simplified ideal magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) problem recently studied by Paris et el in 1986. Through the very precise lower and upper bounds obtained, this method of approach gives full support to the analysis of the authors mentioned above.Electronic theses & dissertations collection for Atlanta University & Clark Atlanta University
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1986 12 01
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