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Sheffield home movie collection, Reel 4, Rolls 1-5 (hm-sheff_0089)

@ Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection


Test pattern. Black slug. Segment one: The beach, 0:11. A woman walks along the beach toward crashing waves. She runs back when the waves reach shore. The waves crash into a wall repeatedly. The waves break over on the other side of the wall. Segment two: Blimp, 0:48. A Good Year blimp flies in the air. People on the ground race toward the blimp to grad the ropes for a landing. It is called "DEFENDER." People stand waiting for a turn. The camera films from inside the blimp. Segment three: Fun, 1:26. Seven people form a pyramid on the side of a river by a bridge. They play leapfrog. Two women take a ride in a canoe. A man lounges in a boat while a woman walks through the water. The sun shines behind clouds. Segment four: Home, 2:13. A dirt road is blocked by a gate. A house with large trees with Spanish moss hanging from them has cars parked outside. A man swings a golf club. Women walk beneath the trees with Spanish moss. Some men join them. A man climbs a tree, but looks stuck. A man points a gun and shoots it at a lake. Gravestone: "ELIZABETH RANDALL SECOND WIFE OF WEST SHEFFIELD BORN FEB. 16, 1770 DIED JAN. 12, 1808." Gravestone: "WEST SHEFFIELD BORN DEC. 13, 1747 DIED SEPT. 22, 1830." A path in the woods. Segment five: Chicago Century of Progress Expo and European vacation, 3:40. Benches and tables are set up on a...

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Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection

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Digital Library of Georgia