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1838 - Letter Supporting Capt. Daniel Philbrook Against Charge of Slave Stealing by State of Georgia

@ Maine State Archives

Payne, John Pendleton, Peleg Dodge, Walter


Letter from respected citizens of Islesboro to the Governor of Maine in support of Captain Philbrook. Captain Philbrook transported lime from Maine to Georgia. During a stop in Savannah, a young slave named Atticus befriended Philbrook's crew. Once underway back to Maine, Atticus was discovered on board the vessel and the captain declined to turn around. Atticus was caught in Thomaston by his owner, and Georgia marshals were sent to arrest Philbrook and first mate Edward Kellerin for violation of the Fugitive Slave Act. They were unsuccessful, as the crew had conveniently gone fishing out on the Grand Banks. Georgia demanded extradition and asked Congress and other states for help in forcing Maine to uphold the Constitution and laws regarding fugitives, thus beginning a period of legal wrangling and the development of the abolitionist movement in Maine.
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1838 03 07
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