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New England cookbook, 1825-1870

@ University of Iowa

Evans, Mary; Bedott, Priscilla; Wells, Jennie; Murray, Abbey M.; Courdrey, Julia


In the back of this New England cookbook are references to the Springfield, Massachusetts Republican newspaper. Springfield is 5 miles north of the Connecticut state line and 80 miles SSW of Boston. This port of entry was first settled in 1636 by Puritans, and incorporated as a town in 1641, and as a city in 1852. It was also an underground railroad stop. "Springfield, Mass: 1825" is written opposite the first recipe. The oldest recipes are dated 1870. "Mrs Mary Grier Evans 1825" was written in ink and most likely was the first and original owner of a book that passed through several hands. There are 130 pages of which 120 are written. (4 x 6 in.; 10 x 15 cm.) The recipes include: Force Meat balls, Apple Jelly, To preserve Pine apples, Ginger Bread, Naples Biscuit, Tea Biscuit, Plum Cake, Dough Nuts, Queen Cake, Cocoa Nut Cake, Bath Cake, Sponge Cake, Pound Cake, Soft waffles, Honey Cake, Loaf Cake, Milk Ginger Bread, Composition Cake, Almond Cake, Wafers, Ginger Cake, Olea books, Calves Feet Jelly, To preserve Orange Peal, Patterson Pudding, Raspberry Jam, To Stew Fish, Shrewsbury Cake, Soft Pearlash Cake, Tea cup Cake, Apple Pudding, Lemon or Orange Pudding, Cocoa Nut Pudding, Potatoe Pudding, Lady's Cake, Puff Paste, Ginger Beer, Yeast, make up cake, Pickle for Beef, Cup Cake, Ginger Cake, Plum Cake, Muffins, Loaf Cake, Jumbles, Puffers, Sponge Cake, Bath Cakes, Wonders, Election Cake, Ginger Cakes, Rusk, Potatoe Pudding, Ground Rice Pudding, Plum Cake, Whip Syllibub, Ginger Cake,...
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